About Me


“You are in charge of your capacity to experience
total bliss every day.”

--- Cathy Hartenstein

What I'm Passionate About

I love to help people find deep, personal happiness, discover their true passion, believe in themselves, manifest the future they deserve, and take concrete action steps to create their new reality. I thrive on helping people realize their highest potential and claim their personal power.


Cathy Hartenstein

My Background

I have always been dedicated to helping people realize their highest potential, both as an international theatre artist and as a professor at many prestigious universities across the country. As a theatre artist I am constantly investigating what drives us, why we do the things we do, and searching for the beauty that I see in humanity.  As a teacher I strive to help my students overcome their personal obstacles to realize their greatest potential.

I have dedicated my life to figuring out the human condition and in deep study of the human psyche. I have been a avid student of drama, philosophy, psychology, astrology, history, feminism, science, Buddhism, Kirshnamurti, The Alexander Technique, Yoga, New Age thought, creative visualization, the Law of Attraction, and many more dualities.  My love of teaching and theatre has given me the unique ability to understand what drives and motivates people and how to guide them to their best choices. I thrive on leading groups and individuals to recognize and cultivate their innate and exceptional talents so they can reach their highest potential.

As a seasoned and renowned educator with more than 20 years experience in collegiate education and theater arts I founded Create More Bliss to help others navigate a creative path to their own genius and a passionate, bliss driven life.  I have dedicated my life to making creative visions come to life on stage and in communities across the United States and Europe.  Finding my own path to bliss and inner peace was the experience that made me realize the steps to bliss can and should be made more simple and more straightforward than we usually make them.   Helping people live a passionate, bliss driven life is my  #1 mission today.  Just as an artist draws a creative vision on a canvas, on a stage or with musical orchestration, we too can activate the vision in our dreams in our every day lives. I try help my clients experience the power of their creativity and arm them with the tools they need to move forward and remove everyday obstacles for living a blissful and powerful life.


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