10 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

New Years comes around and we make a pact with ourselves to improve our lives, end bad habits, and commit to long neglected goals. But two weeks later all our good intentions seem to always fall by the wayside and we wind up feeling guilty, defeated, and frustrated at our inability to make our new years resolutions stick. Here are some great tips that might help you stay on track and turn that short term goal into long term results. Let me know what you have done that has worked in the comments below. Start Small This is one of the most important things you can do.  So often we make a long list of everything we want to change and quickly get overwhelmed when we try and accomplish it all. It is key to find one pressing thing that you feel would be enjoyable for you to do and focus only on it.  For example if you are going to go on a diet, pick one aspect like don’t eat sugar, or eat less, or eat more vegetables.  Instead of radically changing everything at once. If you change to much, or put too many things on your plate, you … Continue reading

Eulogy for my Father

A Eulogy for My Father In a letter my father wrote to my brother’s he said “I have rarely felt sad about myself as a person.  Somewhere in my past, probably as a result of not having anything, or feeling that good at anything, I said to myself when I was pretty young what’s really important in life? The answer I came up with was the kind of person you are – not what you accomplish.  This is the psychological base from which I have operated on.” Now my father actually had a lot of outward success, he was elected to the Illinois State High School Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame, he won city championships, many tennis trophies, had a column in the newspaper, was athletic director of flagship Chicago public high school, but by far his greatest accomplishment was the kind of person he was. My father was the kind of person who was never bitter, despite the fact that he was born the day after the stock market crashed, was in an orphanage for 5 years during the great depression, lived in the projects in Chicago and got picked on for being Jewish, put himself through college, and … Continue reading