Sedona Retreats

“Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine”


Are you feeling overwhelmed in your life?  Like there is no time for you?  That you are spending most of your time fulfilling responsibilities and not enough time living your passions, having fun, and enjoying life?  If you are looking to rejuvenate yourself, get in touch with the divine, unlock your creative impulses, or begin to live your wildest dreams then our retreats are for you!

These retreats are a great way to experience Sedona, move to the next level of your life, live the deepest expression of your self, and wake up to your personal power. Treat yourself to that special opportunity you deserve and experience the many wonderful benefits of our retreats now!

Rest, Relax, Restore
This retreat is designed to bring your entire life back into balance and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. You will explore Meditation, Breath-Work, Yoga, Tai Chi, and many other body-mind centering techniques to release all physical and emotional stress.  This retreat promises to teach you how to radiate inner peace and harmony and begin to live life from the calm center of your heart.

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Awakening Spirit
This retreat helps you experience your deepest connection to spirit and surrender your greatest obstacles to the benevolent force of universal, unconditional, love. Using ancient practices selected from Native American traditions, the I Ching, the Kaballah, Christ Consciousness, Buddhism, Hinduism, Numerology, and Astrology you will harness a power greater than yourself to transform your life and connect to the eternal life force present in everything.

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Manifesting Your Best Life
This retreat is designed to help you live the life you always imagined.  By accessing your personal power, following your heart, believing in your dreams, setting clear goals and actions, and focusing on the positive outcomes you want to achieve, this retreat promises to help you manifest your deepest desires and experience the infinite possibilities of your brilliant future.

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Create Your Heart Out
This retreat is designed to teach you how to live your life as a work of art.  By tapping into your creative energy you will find new avenues of expression, engage with your environment on a deeper level, and realize your highest potential.  You will explore many different artistic techniques to find your true voice and ultimate passion as well as potent tools for finding your highest expression of self in everything you do.

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