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Imagine if you could....

Get crystal clear on what it is you were born to do.

Have a career and life you love.

Experience more joy in all your relationships.

Have the focus and energy you desire.

Live the passionate, bliss driven life you deserve.

Well let me tell you something ...


You were born to have a glorious life and to bring your
brilliance into the  world in a big way.


Are you dying to make a big change in your life?

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, and determined to finally live your passion?

Are you full of ideas and passions but don't know how to turn them into reality?

Are you in need of courage, support, and someone to hold you accountable to your dreams?

Well you've come to the right place -


My clients are able to:

  • Have certainty about their life purpose and what they were born to do.
  • Feel confident in their ability to take massive action and actualize their dreams.
  • Prioritize their goals, get focused, and eliminate what's not working.
  • Understand how to change limiting beliefs and patterns so they can approach life in more empowering ways.
  • Squash that doubt monster in their head and passionately pursue their dreams.  


I want to do everything to make it possible for us work together so I'd like to offer you a free "Break Through Your Blocks" Coaching Session so you can begin living the passionate, bliss driven life you deserve.

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In this call you will:

  • Hone in on one core desire you want to manifest
  • Identify what has been holding you back
  • Pinpoint one powerful shift you can make to create more bliss in your life
  • And receive three actions steps to help you achieve your goals.


Hear What People Are Saying......

Cathy reminded me that dreams can come true

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Within days after my first session with Cathy, I felt a shift in energy and focus. Within months, I had tangible experiences of my life going in a new and desirable direction. Cathy not only taught me valuable life skills, she also reminded me that dreams can come true.

Allison, Austin, TX


Cathy is super effective as a coach

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Cathy helped me get crystal clear about the value of my work so that I could stop self-sabatoging myself and step into greater success. She helped to foster a confidence in me that allowed me to make strides I wouldn't have made otherwise. I highly recommend her support. She is insightful, wise, deeply spiritual and bottom line - she is super effective as a coach for helping you breakthrough your blocks and move forward.

Marin, CA


Working with Cathy, I feel more focused and energized

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Cathy zeros in on the heart of the matter and reveals it with precision. She listens intently and is able to process the information she gathers and responds with clarity, oftentimes offering a point of view I may never have considered on my own. Cathy literally and metaphorically shed light on my situation and helped me to feel inspired and motivated to pursue my goals. Since working with Cathy, I feel more focused and energized. I am confident that I can achieve the vision I am creating with her help. She came along just when I needed her, and I’m grateful she’ll be coaching me every step of the way.

Laura, NE


I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough

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Cathy is the most connected, aware, and inspirational person I know. She is able to identify, guide and inspire like no one else. She posesses rare and moving gifts.

Devin, Amsterdam


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