Manifesting Your Best Life

This retreat is designed to help you live the life you always imagined! By accessing your personal power, following your heart, believing in your dreams, setting clear goals and actions, and focusing on the positive outcomes you want to achieve, this retreat promises to help you manifest your deepest desires and experience the infinite possibilities of your brilliant future.

In this retreat you will:

  • Discover your true passion
  • Use the power of visualization to harness the power of the universe.
  • Find inner balance through guided meditation and breathing techniques
  • Let go of stress by applying divine integrated movement practices
  • Develop new powerful sources of energy to create positive habits
  • Create a Fool Proof Action Plan for Living the Life of Your Dreams

Day One

shutterstock_42646405Begin the day with Tai Chi on the beautiful Sedona Red Rocks and ground yourself with sacred restorative breath work. Do a guided visualization to hone in on your life purpose. Eat a picnic lunch in a sacred natural healing energy spot. Afterword walk the labyrinth to set your intention for the retreat and make photo(16)a personal mandala to delve into your inner wisdom. Finally, experience the power of the Medicine Wheel and determine your life mission, set clear intentions for every aspect of your life, get to the heart of why you do what you do and what you truly care about and begin to live your true purpose.

Day Two

Begin the day with divine movement and experience the power of nature dCathedral Rockuring our vortex ceremony where you will begin to discover your personal power, squash that negative voice in your head, release the fear and tension that has been holding you back, and access your best self.  Soul Portrait Eat a light lunch and then make a soul portrait by exploring your deep inner life through painting, drawing, and collage. Create a Dream Collage and fill up the page with images of your ideal life! and end with your ultimate action plan to develop a step by step process for accomplishing your biggest goals.

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