Rest, Relax, Restore

This retreat is designed to bring your entire life back into balance and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. You will explore Meditation, Breath-Work, Yoga, Tai Chi, and many other body-mind centering techniques to release physical and emotional stress.  This retreat promises to teach you how to radiate inner peace and harmony and begin to live life from the calm center of your heart.

In this retreat you will:

  • Find inner balance through guided meditation and breathing techniques
  • Let go of stress by applying divine integrated movement practices
  • Replenish your inner resources by releasing negative thought patterns and destructive habits
  • Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit by connecting to nature and subtle energy work
  • Learn easy tools to quickly eliminate tension and chaos in your life.
  • Develop new powerful sources of energy to create positive habits

Day One:

Wake up to the beautiful Sedona landscape and begin the day with divinIMG_1093e movement and guided meditation.  Walk the labyrinth to set your intention for your retreat and make a personal mandala to delve into your inner wisdom.  Enjoy a delicious homeIMG_0893made lunch in our beautiful garden. Spend the afternoon experiencing the power of nature during our vortex ceremony where you will begin to discover your personal power, squash that negative voice in your head, release the fear and tension that has been holding you back, and access your best self. You will connect to the present moment, go with the flow, and begin to experience the truth of who your truly are.

Day Two:

shutterstock_89644042Begin the day with Tai Chi on the beautiful Sedona Red Rocks and ground yourself with sacred restorative breath work. Eat a picnic lunch in a sacred natural healing enerI chinggy spot.  Afterwords, soak up the landscape by walking, looking, and drawing and taking in the exquisite color and line. End the day with a healing and relaxing Jin Shin Jytusu session and I Ching Intuitive Reading.

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