Create Your Heart Out

This retreat is designed to teach you how to live your life as a work of art.  By tapping into your creative energy you will find new avenues of expression, engage with your environment on a deeper level, and realize your highest potential.  You will explore many different artistic techniques to find your true voice and ultimate passion as well as potent tools for finding your highest expression of self in everything you do.

In this retreat you will:

  • Hone your creative impulses through exercises in various artistic disciplines
  • Learn specific techniques to start your creative engine
  • Utilize your environment to find inspiration and spur your imagination
  • Access your creative source and apply it to every aspect of your life
  • Learn tools to overcome your creative blocks and obstacles
  • Develop confidence in your creative ability
  • Implement creative habits, develop your artistic discipline, and refine your creative process.

Day One

shutterstock_69722371Begin the day with Tai Chi on the beautiful Sedona Red Rocks and ground yourself with sacred restorative breath work. Eat a picnic lunch in a sacred natural healing energy spot and capture the landscape with pen and paper.  Afterwords, shutterstock_82538158it’s time to have some fun and learn how to trust your impulses. Discover your creative power by using different mediums to unlock your inhibitions, experience your innate artistic talents, and let your imagination roam free. End the day with a special Jin Shin Jyutsu flow to release your creative blocks.

Day Two

Cathedral RockThis day begins with divine movement and a special shamanic soul journey designed to help unlock your creative energy.  Afterword, go off in the sublime Sedona landscape for a private meditation to process, journal, Soul Portraitand give thanks. Eat a light lunch and then make a soul portrait by exploring your deep inner life through painting, drawing, and collage to express your deepest self. Finally, walk the labyrinth to seal your intentions and creative commitments.

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