5 Great Tips to Let Go of What’s Holding You Back

Letting go is one of the biggest lessons we are continually learning in our lives.  I have found myself working on this in a huge way recently.  In the last few years I have quit my profession as a theatre professor and director, moved back home to take care of my father who has Alzheimer’s, and am in the process of starting a new business.  Everyday is filled with unpredictability, change, and loss.  What I have come to witness is my intense need to hold on, to control, to find normalcy in a sea of uncertainty.  But as they say, “what we resist, persists”.  So I have begun to practice surrender.  Letting go is just that-surrender.  We forget how good surrender feels and how liberating it can be. Alzheimer’s I think is the greatest lesson.  It is a slow, monumental, and surprisingly abrupt decay.  What was true yesterday is no longer true tomorrow.  Patience is required on every level.  You can’t take life one day at a time, not even one hour at a time, but you must take it one moment, one second at a time. When you slow down and really face each moment something miraculous happens, your … Continue reading