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Create Your Bliss 

Are you ready to Claim Your Spectacularness and Step into Your Greatness?

Do want to claim the power of your genius, follow your dreams, and live a passionate bliss driven life?  I want you to know that you were born to bring your brilliance into the world in a big way! You have a destiny that needs to be fulfilled, experienced, and enjoyed. I'm Cathy Hartenstein and I know the importance of taking action, that leap of faith, and committing to your dreams. As a Empowerment Specialist and Life Coach I help you tap into your creativity and maximize your talents so you can create more bliss in your life. Isn't it time to live fully, with no regrets and no apologies.  To show up, stand up, and make your dreams happen!!! I am excited for the miracles we can create in your life. I am ready to hold you accountable to your greatness.

"Nothing is more important than
reconnecting with your bliss.  
Nothing is as rich.  Nothing is more real" 
- Deepak Chopra

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Meet Cathy Hartenstein.  Read how her past experience can help you live the bliss driven life you deserve.


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Cathy is super effective as a coach. Cathy helped me get crystal clear about the value of my work so that I could stop self-sabatoging myself and step into greater success. She helped to foster a confidence in me that allowed me to make strides I wouldn't have made otherwise.   I highly recommend her support.


She is insightful, wise, deeply spiritual and bottom line - she is super effective as a coach for helping you breakthrough your blocks and move forward.




I was referred to Cathy when I was suffering from physical pain that was not responding to other treatment forms and another practitioner suggested an emotional issue might be the root cause.  During the session Cathy quickly found connections between my current emotional responses and a memory of an event that was decades old. The memory of this early incident was impacting how I reacted today to situations which I perceived as embarrassing or when I judged myself as lacking, which in turn triggered feelings of agitation and shame. Using the EFT & Matrix Reimprinting techniques Cathy was able to diminish the power of the old memory and free me from its emotional burden. Nowadays, I am much more relaxed in social settings.  I give myself permission to “not be perfect”, and the discomfort & self-consciousness I previously felt in many situations is abated. I highly recommend trying the EFT/Matrix Reimprinting technique to anyone who would like to clear away emotional issues from the past so you can better enjoy today.  It was easy to do and the results have been wonderful for me. Thank you, Cathy! 



Cathy has helped me shift unconscious blocks in myriad ways. I went to her to shift my mindset around career, financial well-being and relationships. Cathy’s focus, positivity and absolute mastery of her work, EFT,Matrix and coaching, never ceases to amaze me. She stays aligned in our sessions, guides me when I am foggy, and has made a tremendous difference in my ability to gain momentum in my life. Apart from her gifted strengths, Cathy cares. She wants me to excel in my life and I feel so loved every time we meet!




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